Tuesday, November 29, 2011


As I was watching my daughter wobble her way around the house today, it suddenly dawned on me how precious trust is in our relationship.

My baby had only just started walking about two to three weeks ago, and now goes exploring everywhere in the house she could possibly get to. With her new found skills, she also enjoys running after our cat. However, our cat isn't exactly the friendliest in the neighbourhood, and even my 17 month old knows that. It was from her running towards the cat, then running back to me and using my legs as her refuge that I realised how much trust she has in me. It is the trust that she can always go to mummy, and that mummy will be there for her to protect her, whenever she encounters something scary. There is no doubt, no second thoughts. She will go explore, yet not stray too far, and come straight back to mummy if something isn't quite right...

I treasure these moments in my heart, and I wanted to write them down before I forget. To know that my daughter trusts me so reinforces how important it is and will be for me to be worthy of her trust. Furthermore, it also made me consider my own trust in the heavenly Father. Do I trust Him like my child trusts me? I think not, and that is a lesson that I'll gladly continue to learn...

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