Saturday, February 11, 2012

Teardrop in a Mother's Eye

A song I wrote many years ago... Dedicated to all mums, and dads :-)

A baby's first cry
Teardrop in his mother's eye
A tear shed in joy and relief
To celebrate the gift of life

A toddler's first step
Teardrop in his mother's eye
A tear shed in joy and excitement
As the child stumbles into her arms

Oooh... Day by day
The child's feet grew stronger and stronger
And he stands tall
As his mother watches him in pride
With a teardrop in her eye

Then the years went by
Faster than the blink of an eye
There was once a time of separation
And a time to be together again

And yet there came
Times of misunderstanding
When harsh words were spoken in anguish
And the two worlds didn't seem to meet
One took the other's love for granted
And the other wondered when
This child of hers--
Yes, still a child in her eyes--
Will ever understand her love for him

How can one comprehend
The depth of a mother's love
The love she so timelessly gives
And the sacrifices she makes

Through these years
A child may never understand
Until that day
When he sees through his mother's eyes
With that teardrop in her eye

(c) Shadow 2003

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